Unions, funerals and naming ceremonies, renewal of promises, divorce
Works in: within 50 km of Rome
Languages: Italian, Spanish, English
Email: celebrante@giacomosanesi.it
Web: www.giacomosanesi.it

I am a worker and as soon as I can I travel around the world. When I’m not working and I’m not traveling, I dedicate myself to painting and writing to earn money to finance volunteer projects. Which I would also like to do through this activity.

I wanted to celebrate ceremonies because of a loss. I don’t have a religion and I don’t want to receive a religious ritual, so it’s right that I commit myself to helping others who will have my same difficulty.
I celebrate funerals for political choice. Welcome ceremonies, civil unions and anniversaries are reasons for personal growth. I manage to balance the importance and the solemnity of the moment with my words and my speaches with sympathy and joy that characterize me. I am willing to study the customs of peoples to better blend them into marriages between people of different cultures.
I would like to try divorce ceremonies cause every end is the beginning of a new thing and we must celebrate it.